Understanding Hair Growth

By Tazapayan

Long hair was given to some women from the Most High and taken from others by Him. But we are all commanded to take care of our temple (or bodies) and our hair is a part of our temple.  Regardless if we were given long or short hair, it can still be healthy and beautiful.

First know that a righteous lifestyle along with topical products and a nutritious diet, will render a healthy body for the Israelite woman.

According to certain studies, all hair is composed of the same elements and all scalps have the same stages: growing, shedding, and stagnant are the scalp’s stages.  During the hair’s growing stage soft protein beneath the scalp begins to harden.  It turns into keratin (hard protein) and the follicle pushes it out of the scalp.  During the stagnant stage it is resting.  During the shedding stage it sheds the dead hair and grows a new piece of hair in its place.  The entire scalp does not all go through these stages at the same time but each follicle has its appointed time to grow, shed, or do nothing (stagnant).  Isn’t the Most High amazing!

Tips To Get Hair Growing

The Most High designated a specific hair growth amount to each person and some grow ¼ of an inch and others up to 1 full inch per month. To ensure you are growing your maximum every month, be sure your scalp is well-fertilized with a nutrient filled blood supply.  Use vitamin/herb rich moisturizing shampoo and protein conditioner so your hair will continue to be healthy and strong.  A scalp massage also helps by triggering blood circulation to the scalp, that way the nutrients in your blood can be planted in the hair follicle.  Also drink plenty of fluids so the blood can circulate, it will take needed nutrients for hair growth to the scalp.  Following these simple steps will help you have healthier hair and reach maximum hair growth within 2 to 4 months, as long as it is the Most High’s will of course!

Matthew 10:30 “But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.”

Two of my favorite products which stimulate healthy hair growth are: Biotin (choose a vegetarian brand and take 7,500mg daily in order to see significant growth every month),   Calcium/Magnesium/VitaminD (find a potent vegetarian based combo of these minerals and vitamin and your hair will grow like wild fire, your nails too!)

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Once the hair has grown out of the scalp follicle, you must maintain its health by making sure not to leave the scalp dirty. Unclean hair can smother the scalp and make the follicle die which causes hair to stop growing in that area (thinning and balding will occur).  A poor diet and an insufficient water intake will also prevent the hair from growing at its maximum potential.  Trim off dead and split ends every 6 to 8 weeks, or as needed so they do not dehydrate and rob nutrients from the healthy hair.  Don’t forget to exfoliate the scalp during every other shampooing session by scrapping off the dead skin cells with a claw comb or fingernails.  If you have curly or kinky hair, it is very important to moisturize from the ends to the middle shaft because this type of hair is most dry and dryness causes split ends to grow like weeds and break off,  making the hair look like it is completely stagnant.  Lastly, flat ironing the hair every day and not using heat protectors when flat ironing make the hair dry and brittle.  The end result, breakage.  If you get your hair treated at a salon or by a licensed cosmetologist make sure you receive care instructions, especially when receiving color, highlights, chemical treatments, braids, or extension, which can all break the hair out drastically if not cared for properly.

Hope you have found this information of value and if you have any hair questions please feel free to ask them…



  1. This was a very helpful article thank you very much!!

  2. All Praises to the Most High! You are welcome Sarai.

  3. I tuely thank you for sharing this information all praises goes to the mos high shalom,

  4. Wow sis, very good information! I do have one question. Does stress also cause hair to fall, and if so, how long will the falling of the hair take and how long will it take for the hair to begin growing again?

    • @ Kawadah. Yes, stress definitely causes excessive shedding, i’ve done a small level of research on stress and the affects on hair and when under excessive amounts of stress the body protects the organs first, using the nutrients that are in the blood and moisture in the blood. The hair and nails are last, therefore, robbed of nutrients and moisture they become brittle and lifeless, then shed more than normal. Also, when under stress the body pads all the organs with fat in order to protect it, yikes, that is another food for thought! 😉 Just like your article on here we must “Stress-Less” in order to be in good health & head to toe `)

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