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Your Salads Will Marry This: DIY Homemade Salad Dressings!

“Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”  ~                      1 Corinthians 10:31 My congregation’s True Nation Organics department (Husbandry) has flourished wonderfully in the past few years all thanks to the Most High! Our garden is consistently yielding all types of greens and lettuce which means a lot of salads will be the main way I incorporate these bountiful harvested greens and lettuce into my diet daily. This inspired me to try new things, like, making my own SALAD DRESSING! Hey, Salad dressing is important for many reasons. For one, it makes eating your veggies less business and more pleasure! It’s natural, easy and cheap; and not deceiving and harmful like most manufactured salad dressings. So lets do it! The Salad Dressing Base The Base of salad dressings could be different depending on individual preference. Mine...

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How To Start a Healing Garden From an Egg Carton

Have you ever realized that there are many uses for the cardboard egg carton.  One great use  I found for it is a seed starter for a garden.  Why? Because once the seed begins to sprout and turn into a shrub, you must plant it in the ground and the cardboard egg carton is biodegradable which means it will break down in the soil. Therefore, you will not need to uproot your shrub and re-plant it, simply cut out each egg socket shrub and plant it directly into the ground. The following is a video instructional link to how you can create your own herbal healing garden using an egg carton for a seed starter:

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No Baby Mamma

It is unfortunate that many relationships established in the world do not stay bonded while transitioning into the Truth.  As you continue to grow, you will learn to let go and understand that this was for the best.  When there are no children in the relationship, it may be easier to move on.  But what if you did have children within the relationship?  The situation will be challenging for your child/ren as well as for you until your children are mature enough to make their own choice about following in the ways of the Most High. When one parent aligns their life with the laws, statutes and commandments of God and the other chooses to live their life in complete contrary to the other, the child/ren are stuck in the middle.  Again, a situation like this will be challenging, but as Israelite women, we must...

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