Homemade Turkey Meatloaf

(Total preparation and cook time is 1 hour and 45 minutes)

ingredient1 Pound Ground Turkey

1/2 Red Onion Chopped

1 Garlic Clove Chopped

1/4 Cup of Italian Seasoned Bread Crumbs

1 Egg

1/4 Cup Bar-B-Que Sauce

1 Tablespoon Mustard

1 Tablespoon of Tapatio (or any) Hot Sauce

Lawry’s Seasoning

Black Pepper

Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

1 Teaspoon Oregano



In a mixing bowl add ground turkey, red onion, chopped garlic, bread crumbs, and egg.  Mash and fold meat together (may want to wear gloves).  Next sprinkle on the dry seasonings to taste; Lawry’s season, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and shape-in-loaf-panoregano.  Now mush and fold those ingredient into the ground turkey.  Finally, mold the ground turkey mixture into a loaf and place into a loaf pan that is large enough to allow juices to cook and flow out of the meat and surround it.



Turn the oven to 375 degrees and let it cook uncovered for 45 minutes and then check the color of the meat and amount of juices surrounding it.  If the liquid is an inch or more high it the pan then use a baking baster to remove the excess liquid. Let it cook in the oven another 30 minutes. While it is cooking mix the Bar-B-Que sauce, Mustard, and Tapatio together then brush it on top of the meat after the 30 minutes is over and let it cook for an additional 15 minutes.



Remove from the oven and let it stand for 5 minutes. Then slice and serve. Delicious!






Inspire to Be Virtuous: “She  riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens.” Prov. 31:15

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