Sisterhood is Unity

When you think of “Sisterhood” what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it catty territorial women, pretentious crabs in the bucket, or a click of Female Dogs? Or when thinking of the word “Sisterhood” do you visualize an extension of your at-home family that is of great value, or is it Women just being friends, how about women who come together for the Most High God’s greater cause?
When I think of sisterhood I reflect upon what the scriptures have taught me about it, which is all of the above statements. But the ideal sisterhood for me is one in which women come together in the name of the Most High’s good pleasure and value their labor of love towards the Most High as a great value. It is my belief that the Most High would value and bless that type of sisterhood. Let’s review some examples of all kinds of Sisterhoods.

The Catty Sisterhood
Job told us that there is a group classification or sisterhood of “foolish” women in Job chapter 2 verse 10. He told his wife she sounds like a foolish woman because she told Job to “curse God, and die”. That is an example that shows us a “foolish women” do exist; they do not watch their mouth nor do they consider their thoughts or weigh their intentions with the fear of the Most High when they speak. Society has labeled these types of women as “catty”; just being spiteful, venomous, mean, and/or malicious towards one another or someone else. There is examples in our Israelite history in which Leah and Rachel, our four mothers, were catty. A synonym for catty is spiteful or envious, and when Rachel saw that her sister Leah was having babies with their husband, and she was not, Rachel became envious. (Genesis 30:1)  Also, at another point Leah snipped at Rachel for “taking” her husband; that comment revealed Leah’s jealousy, and the comment was “catty”. (Genesis 30:15) We can easily see in those two moments of history their sisterhood was “catty” (Galatians 5:15, Ecclesiasticus 28:25) Although Rachel and Leah’s sisterhood had better moments, It appears that the Most High allowed us to read about those negative ones as an example of what a sisterhood should not consist of.

The Crabs-In-The-Bucket Sisterhood
Now what about the “crabs in the bucket” type of sisterhood? “Crabs in The Bucket” is another common phrase for people who are the same pulling each other down in order to pick or lift their self up.We have another historical account of that with sisters Mary and Martha; Lazarus sisters. Martha was busy doing a lot of work that she thought was most important, while her sister Mary was listening to Christ teach wisdom, only. So Martha asked Christ if He cared that her sister (Mary) has left here to serve alone, but did Martha need to point that out to Jesus Christ who already knows every intention in our hearts? At that moment in time, the sisterhood was “catty” via Martha. But, instead of Christ dis-crediting Mary and giving praise to Martha he said to Martha, “… Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things: But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:38-41) Mary liked to sit at Christ’s feet and hear His instruction. In that example, Martha was attempting to tear her sister down in front of Christ, when she could have easily asked Christ to find someone to help her if the job really was too hard. But that example gives us another pattern of the way a sisterhood should not go. (Ecclesiasticus 26:6)

The “Female Dog” Sisterhood
Female dog is the definition of the derogatory “B” word. But when you look up the verb content of the derogatory “B” word it is complaining, whining, grumbling, or expressing displeasure constantly. There are many examples in which the Most High shut a complaining woman up quickly and harshly (pretty scary).  One example is when King David’s wife Michal made a hate filled comment towards him, because she saw her husband David dancing and showing much cheer in front of all the towns people, as a result of them taking back the Arch of the Covenant; our laws.  David quickly corrected Michal’s grumbling and then the Most High closed her womb for the rest of her life; she died with no children.(2 Samuel 6:20-23)  The Most High has done vile things to women who were complainers, but to Michal was ultimate shame, especially since we are saved through childbearing.(1 Timothy 2:15) The Most High takes no pleasure in our bitchy ways, he doesn’t think it is cute, funny, attractive, neither does he listen or comfort us because of it. Consider what is written in Ecclesiasticus 42:12,13, it reads “Behold not every body’s beauty, and sit not in the midst of women. For from garments cometh a moth, and from women wickedness.” Therefore a “Female Dog” type of sisterhood will get destroyed by the Most High.  Also read what happened to Miriam for complaining, and think about what he tells us regarding talking too much, in Wisdom of Solomon 1:11, which reads, “Therefore beware of murmuring, which is unprofitable; and refrain your tongue from backbiting: for there is no word so secret, that shall go for nought: and the mouth that belieth slayeth the soul. Lastly, the Most High is displeased with any kind of complaining group and destroys the entire group usually.(Numbers 11:1, Exodus 23:2) Therefore, sisterhoods that are wasted with hours and days of bitchy conversations is not a good one either.

The Most High’s Greatly Valued Sisterhood
To find out what a valuable sisterhood is compiled of, let’s review some scriptures. The scripture in Psalms 133:1 says “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” So dwelling together in unity is pleasant and good in the eyes of the Most High God, which is a start. We also know if our sisterhood is comprised of complainers, jealous people, murmurs’, clamorous women, crabs in the bucket, or any other type of person the Most High doesn’t like, then that isn’t a valuable sisterhood and may even be turned after Satan and destroyed. (Timothy 5:15) So the Most High’s Valued Sisterhood should be comprised of all the type of women the Most High values, right?Ecclesiasticus chapter 26 and verse 15 says “A shamefaced and faithful woman is a double grace, and her continent mind cannot be valued.” Shamefaced means to be modest, meek, or shy. And Faithful is having a strong belief, being loyal, and steadfast. Proverbs 31:10 states, “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.”  So if a virtuous woman’s price is valued above rubies, and a sisterhood is comprised of all Virtuous Women, it would also be valuable to the Most High, correct? A virtuous woman is one who is righteous, good, honorable, upright, and godly. Being godly is highly reverencing Him. The Most High left us many examples of righteous sisterhoods one is in the book of Judith chapter 15 verses 12 and 13, it reads “Then all the women of Israel ran together to see her [Judith], and blessed her, and made a dance among them for her: and she took branches in her hand, and gave also to the women that were with her. And they put a garland of olive upon her and her maid that was with her, and she went before all the people in the dance, leading all the women: and all the men of Israel followed in their armour with garlands, and with songs in their mouths.”(Judith 15:12,13) Think about it: If evil spirits of murmuring, and jealousy, and backbiting, or spitefulness biting and clawing were a factor among the sisterhood that was with Judith, then they would not have been able to show such kindness to Judith or each other, neither would Judith have been able to show kindness back to them, and no one would have followed behind Judith and The Women as they lead the soldiers in a victory song to the Most High God. This sisterhood must have been comprised of Virtuous Women and blessed by the Most High God. There are many more accounts in which women came together for the greatness of the Most High’s cause, and when reading the stories those Sisterhoods are highly valued, and desired, even without having to be there.