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Have you as a wife found yourself battling many issues you wished you could get help with?  Maybe you need help with understanding how to keep up with your house work when you have a regular 9 to 5 job too.  Maybe you need to learn how to sew or need advice on natural birth control alternatives.  Maybe you need to learn how not to talk back to your husband even when you know he is wrong and you are right.  Maybe you need to know how not to resent your husband for not helping you around the house as much as you would like him to.  Or maybe you are just frustrated with the amount of time he has to devote to the church instead of with you. All these are important issues that you FIRST should pray about and then, of course, speak...

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NEW May 2016 TN Newsletter is Here!

True Nation’s May 2016 newsletter has arrived…enjoy! As always, we truly thank all those who endeavor to support the truth!! If you would like the newsletter emailed directly to you, please provide your email address to reply@truenation.org. http://truenation.org/News_May_2016.pdf...

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CPT the abbreviation for “Colored People Time”, a byword for our people. We are seen as habitually late people that have that “I don’t care” attitude.  Can we really be upset? Or do you even notice when it’s said, since it’s said so much? As Israelites, we are to be known as people of The Most High, we are his chosen and should behave as such. We should be known as people of our word, trustworthy and dependable.  Not slothful, unconcerned or always late, whether it be to an event or an assignment. We have all been guilty of not being on time. I know I have, but we must make a change and put ALL our effort into meeting deadlines and being where we need to be on time. Let’s put ourselves on the other side: EX: 1 – You invite a family over...

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