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Ready for Tabernacles?

During the Exodus of the Israelites from Goshen Egypt both men and women were headed to a journey in the wilderness of Mount Sinai.  When I think about that time I wonder, as an Israelite woman, would I have been one of the complaining ones who found herself put to death by the Most High God in the wilderness (Numbers 16:27,31-32), or would I have been a helper who sewed tapestry and fine things for the building of the Tabernacle? Exodus 35:22; “And they came, both men and women, as many as were willing hearted…”  How about survival? Would I have known any survival skills or been willing to accept instruction from a fellow experienced Israelite sister regarding what it took to survive in the wilderness of Mount Sinai? Well, fast forward to 2015, we are closely coming upon the Feast of Tabernacles and my...

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July 2015 True Nation Newsletter

True Nation’s redesigned newsletter has dropped…enjoy! As always, we truly thank all those who endeavor to support the truth!! If you would like the newsletter emailed directly to you, please provide your email address to reply@truenation.org. Enjoy! http://truenation.org/News_July_2015.pdf...

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Lois and Eunice: Nurturers of Great Faith

The seeds of unfeigned faith were first planted in the spirit of a great disciple by righteous women.  Not all families of Israel are perfect.  Some have missing a father and some a mother.  Some have neither one.  But regardless of the family makeup, the spirit of the Most High and Christ chooses even they of a broken family to receive the holy spirit and flourish in righteousness. Eunice and her mother Lois lived in a Greek city called Lystra.  It is unknown whether Eunice’s husband was alive or dead, but either way, he was an unbeliever who called himself a Greek (Acts 16:1; an Israelite probably born and raised in Greece not knowing he was of the Nation of Israel).  When Timothy was a very young man, probably in his teenage years, Eunice and Lois had the privilege to hear Paul teach of repentance during...

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