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When you begin your walk in the Truth and start to gain wisdom and understanding, you realize there are many changes one has to make.  For some, it’s easier than others but the one change I have seen affect people the most, including myself, was the separation from our family members.  I came in to the knowledge of the Truth thinking everything between my family and I would be the same, but I was so wrong. As soon as I understood who the chosen people of the Most High were, I couldn’t wait to tell my family. I felt like I had won the lottery and wanted to share my riches. I thought for sure my family would accept it like I had.  To my surprise they didn’t.  My mother was and is completely against the Truth.  My siblings respected my beliefs and went as...

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ABORTION = MURDER (No matter how far along) “ A federal judge struck down Arkansas’ attempt to ban most abortions beginning 12 weeks into a woman’s pregnancy, saying viability, not a heartbeat, remains the key factor in determining whether abortions should be allowed” Viability of a fetus is when it can survive on its own outside of the woman’s womb, which is around 22 to 24 weeks. The size of the baby at 22 weeks is about 10 inches and weighs about 14 oz. How can these woman, nurses, doctors, and lawmakers believe that what they are doing is a great thing for woman rights? Women DO NOT have the right to decide they want to KILL their baby. A baby is a blessing from the Most High not a curse! Being in the truth we know Abortion is illegal from the moment of conception....

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