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Burning your bridges

Do you know what the saying, “Don’t burn your bridges” really means? Well a bridge is a connection, a safe path, a way to avoid tough roads. The bridge is a person, and just like bridges, people can offer connections, safe paths, and help you out in tough situations.  If you burn a bridge you can no longer use that same route. So “Don’t burn your bridges” basically means don’t destroy relationships you may need in the future. There may have been times when you burned your bridges and you didn’t even realize it. Think of a time when you needed a favor.  You might have needed to borrow money, you might have needed a ride, a job or help with something or even somewhere to stay. Who was the first person you went to? Was it the stranger you saw at the market? No,...

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Why Are We Here?

Have you ever wondered what our purpose for being on this earth is or why we were created at all? If you were to go around and ask, many would say that the purpose to life is to pursue happiness and to fulfill all desires.  Others will say that we were given this life to make the most of it.  “You only live once!!” is the motto that this generation lives by.  But is this really the purpose to life? Were we really put here just to have fun and do whatever pleases us?  The answer is NO. “Let us here the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man” Ecclesiastes 12:13. Our purpose for being on this earth isn’t solely to have fun.  We were put here to serve the Most High and...

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What Are You Worth?

Do you have self-respect?  To have self-respect is to have pride and confidence in oneself due to a feeling that one is behaving with honor and dignity by having a proper regard for oneself as a human being.  I asked this question because many so called Black, Latino, and Native American women today have very low self-respect or esteem and don’t even realize it.  There are several things that determine how high one’s self-respect is and the following is a description of a few of them. Sex for Money  I was talking to my sisters not too long ago and they told me about a conversation they had some relatives (which are non-believers) in which the question of “would you have sex with a stranger for a million dollars?” came up.  To my surprise all of my cousins said yes. In fact they condemned my...

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