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If You Don’t Want an Israelite to Know, Put It In a Book

2nd Timothy 2:15; “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” Can you stand up for the Most High and Yahawashi? Would you be able to answer to someone what it is that you believe in? Can you prove to your family and friends that you are a Hebrew Israelite? Or what the Israelite doctrine is?  As women, we do not teach as our men do.  However, we our required to learn the scriptures for our spiritual development and to be a righteous and virtuous example to others. Sirach 26:14 “A silent and loving woman is a gift of the Lord; and there is nothing so much worth as a mind well instructed.” The first step is to understand what is being taught to you, second step is to accept who you...

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When you begin your walk in the Truth and start to gain wisdom and understanding, you realize there are many changes one has to make.  For some, it’s easier than others but the one change I have seen affect people the most, including myself, was the separation from our family members.  I came in to the knowledge of the Truth thinking everything between my family and I would be the same, but I was so wrong. As soon as I understood who the chosen people of the Most High were, I couldn’t wait to tell my family. I felt like I had won the lottery and wanted to share my riches. I thought for sure my family would accept it like I had.  To my surprise they didn’t.  My mother was and is completely against the Truth.  My siblings respected my beliefs and went as...

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Admonshing Your Friend

A lot of the time friendships are destroyed over the silliest reasons. For example, let’s say you have two friends: one named Ashley and the other Paige.  So one day Ashley comes up to you to tell you that Paige has been talking about you behind your back.  Instead of going to Paige to see if it’s true and to correct her on her actions, you get mad and stop talking to her completely or worse you start a physical altercation with her based on what Ashley has told you.  Situations like this put an end to friendships all the time. But how does the Most High tell us to handle such situations? “Admonish a friend, it may be he hath not done it: and if he have done it, that he do it no more.  Admonish thy friend, it may be he hath not...

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