My Hebrew name is Kawadah (Seriousness, Honor, and Glory of Most High). Through the mercy of our Lord, I was blessed with the Truth when I was about the age of 11 years old. From that point forward I was raised up in the laws and commandments. When I became an adult I left the Truth and with that came life learned lessons. I learned the hard way unfortunately about the world, but everything I experienced and went through (I now understand) was for a reason. Pressing toward the mark and not looking back! I have been reconciled to The Most High and his WILL since 2010. Blessed and serious about growing and raising my two children in the WILL of our Father.  I love everything about the Truth! Being involved in the church makes it easier and exciting! Being around other brother’s and sister’s that think like myself, and work hard with one goal in mind, that is… the WILL of our Father.

Congregation Duties include:

Website contributor, Marketing Dept, Hospitality