My name is Taza Payan; Wife to Iyaqar Ahmath and mother. I accepted the truth regarding who the real Hebrew Israelite (Jews) are, according to the Holy Bible, in January 1999. Every year I celebrate that anniversary date when the Most High awoke me to the knowledge of the truth, because in my mind there is no greater gift than knowing who you are and what goal you are working towards.  Walking this path is an unexplainable experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  All I can say is that the Most High keeps his word and is a power worthy of reverence, loyalty, dedication, and praise and I pray all would love him and think upon his laws fervently and constantly.  The greatest thing about that prayer is, I KNOW it will come true when the Most High’s Kingdom comes. Until then I pray the Most High God through Jesus Christ continues to sustain me as his servant and all who have come into the FAITH.

Congregation works include:

Marketing Department Worker, Website Contributor, Correspondence Processor, Children Teacher, Newsletter Writer, PSP Department